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Welcome to the CATS Academics WikiEdit

This wiki is dedicated to providing information on various topics for the purpose of enabling tutors to work with unfamiliar material. Topics will range from mathematics to philosophy. Feel free to edit a page, if you have the relevant expertise. Be sure to include tips on how to convey certain material, e.g., what line of questioning works best, what analogies a tutor should use.


Tutoring plays a unique role in the university community. We are between professors and students - not quite experts, but expert enough to confidently explain material. No tutor has all of the answers, and shouldn't give them out freely, if they did. Instead, our purpose is to guide a student to proper conclusions by different techniques.


Whenever a tutor comes across new material with their students, they are encouraged to write a small section for it on this wiki. An exhaustive exposition is not required or preferred. Instead, a short summary of the concept, an explanation of relevant vocabulary, techniques for teaching the concept, and links to useful sources should in included.

Be sure to stick to the formatting of this page. Thus, for headings choose "Heading 2" and choose "Normal text" for the body of the section.

If you are creating a new page, then the title of the page should be the course title, e.g., PHIL 110 (with a space.) A link to the course page should be placed on the subject's page, e.g., Philosophy. Subject pages should include a small exposition of the field and a list of courses.

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